• The capacity to complete your project on time and on budget.
    We’re confidant we have the capacity and skill sets to answer the call. Otherwise we won’t take on your job.
  • We're obsessed
    with safety.

    Kenalex maintains a full time safety superintendent who is responsible for educating workers and enforcing our health and safety program.
  • Collaboration is the framework we build our relationships on.
    Our approach is customer focused and collaborative –
    we truly understand our clients needs and work with them to achieve their goals.
  • Building value for over 35 years.
    We’ve been a part of the community for over 35 years.
    In fact, we helped build it.
    About Us

Kenalex Services

We’re not just a builder. We’re your trusted partner in every aspect of your project. Our comprehensive approach means you can count on our capacity and expertise though every phase of the job.

  • Safety


    A safe worksite is not only good for our employess, it’s good for your project. Through constant training and education, we maintain some of the safest job sites around.

    Autorized Builder - American Building Systems

    As an authorized builder, we can provide you with the quality and reliability American Building Systems offer.