Why buy a Kenalex home?

When building a new community, we consider the design of each home relative to its impact on the entire neighbourhood. When you purchase a Kenalex home, you buy into a unique neighbourhood and life-style.

We recognize that buying a home is a major commitment and that our customers should be confident that their investment in our homes is as secure as possible. Our commitment to the buyer is seen in the quality of design and construction that goes into each new home.

Further, our customers are assured that other homes in the neighbourhood, receive the same attention to detail and quality that they expect. The result is a neighbourhood that, when completed, enhances the value of every home in the area.

Who are the people behind Kenalex Development?

Kenalex Development is a privately held company registered in the province of Ontario. It is closely associated with Kenalex Construction Company Limited, a building construction firm that offers general contracting, construction management, and design/build services to institutional, commercial, and industrial clients.

The Kenalex Group of companies is owned and managed by Sandy Graham and Ken Jackson.

Ken holds a degree in architecture from Carleton University (Ottawa, ON). Active in the construction and development industry for 25 years, Ken has extensive experience in residential design and development. He also leads the Kenalex Residential Development team.

Sandy is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and a graduate of Queen’s University (Kingston, ON). As general manager of the group, he is involved in the company’s financial and strategic planning. Sandy is also a board member of the Ontario General Contractors Association, the North Bay Economic Development Council, and serves on the Residential Development Task Force for the City of North Bay.

As active members of the North Bay community, Ken and Sandy are committed to building new neighbourhoods that add to the quality of life for North Bay citizens.

Do I pick from stock plans or can I build a custom home?

Kenalex customers can select their new home from pre-designed plans, or make use of our custom design/build program. Each option has distinct advantages.

Pre-designed homes, in which many of the built elements and features can be repeated on several homes, offer our customers quality homes at a reduced cost. Although design elements are repeated on several homes, the availability of multiple designs, changes in street elevation, building materials, and colour selection give each of our new homes a unique look.

The custom design/build program affords our customers the opportunity to build a home to meet their specific requirements. With guidance from our designers, homes are ensured to fit tastefully within the neighbourhood, while allowing our customers to shape the design according to their own specific needs and desires.

Once I decide to purchase, how much time is required to build my new home?

Typically, a pre-designed home will require 12-14 weeks, during our building season, to construct. Due to weather conditions, foundations are started in April through to the end of November.

The time required to complete custom design/build homes varies depending on the amount of time spent on design, the size of the home, special features, etc. At completion of the design phase, Kenalex will provide an estimated completion date.

All Kenalex homes are registered with Tarion Warranty Corporation. The Tarion Waranty Corporation contains specific requirements that protect the owner with respect to agreed upon completion and closing dates.

If I decide to build a Kenalex home, how can I be sure that my costs are fixed and that there are no nasty surprises?

If you decide on a pre-designed plan, you are assured of the final price from the very outset. Just ask for the list price. Price changes are only required if you add features to the home. Such upgrades can be priced at the offer stage, so that you know the final price of the home before you buy.

If you chose to use our custom design/build program, the design and budget are developed in tandem. Once we agree on a budget amount, the design is finalized and the estimate refined. We keep you informed and involved regarding budget throughout the design process. Once a plan is finalized, your cost is fixed.

With Kenalex, you are in control of your costs at all times.

All Kenalex homes are registered with the Tarion Warranty Corporation, giving you the protection of an industry-backed warranty. The warranty ensures quality workmanship and material, pricing protection, and protection against unilateral changes in closing dates.

What about after sales service?

Every year since our formation, the Tarion Warranty Corporation has awarded Kenalex with an excellent rating, in after sales service. Although all Kenalex homes undergo quality control inspections throughout various stages of construction, the customer may encounter the odd problem that is noticed after the home is occupied. Our policy is to correct such problems as soon as possible. Of course, we do our best to minimize any disturbance or disruption to our customer’s daily routine as a result of service work.

The true test of quality for any home is how it stands up over the years. We admit, our toughest competition for new home sales arises from re-sales of previously built Kenalex houses. Fortunately, many of our new buyers are previous customers who are looking for a new home as a result of changing lifestyles, growing families and “empty-nesters”.